Why PennTex?

At PennTex Commercial Services, we strive to deliver quality cleaning services, while also providing outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves in allowing our work ethic and experience to be the driving forces behind our success. Our wide range of fully customizable services gives us an edge over competitors, and enables a simple transition for new customers. 


We make it our business to gain a clear understanding of your needs. It is common practice within our work culture to have our ownership and management personally train crews for each newly added customer. We understand that your needs can change at any time, which is why our customers are guaranteed to have a member of our management team available to them at all times. 


We boast a robust, highly trained staff. This allows us to handle all tasks, regardless of the enormity, with ease. Our training program is frequently updated pursuant to all legislation regarding health and safety, and is personally delivered to employees by our ownership and management teams. 


Our Goal

As our customer, we can guarantee that you will receive our utmost effots to ensure your happiness. Our personal trust in our staff, along with our confidence in our services, makes this guarantee possible. We take pride in the work that we do.